Our Four Legged Family
Caclebean Egg

Meet the goats! Molly & Arthur

Mrs Cacklebean's birthday present (2016) was the best one she has ever had!
They sleep with the Marans, they give great cuddles. We have even had people come up to the farm just to meet them!

Fru, Rhubarb & Pickle

Fru mostly sleeps, enjoys an egg every day.

She, Rhubarb & Pickle seem to find the eggs that have been laid in the hedge.

Rhubarb is the most enthusiastic member of the family. She has a love for life. Everything is done at 100 miles an hour. The most cuddly and no idea about personal space! She is adorable!

Pickle is our youngest member of the family, and has an extra bed to snuggle up in the egg room, she’s the bounciest member of the family, and we all love her to bits!

Clover & Gertie

We have two visiting donkeys staying with us... say hello to Clover & Gertie.