"We have been using Patrick and Steph's eggs for years, and have been fortunate to try a variety of breeds. All of which are outstanding. They are so fresh that they poach beautifully, the yolks so golden and creamy that customers almost can't believe them."
Emily Watkins, The Kingham Plough

"Cacklebean are to eggs as Rolls Royce is to cars. You simply don't get better."
Tom Cenci

"I have used Cacklebean eggs since 2015. I was a sous chef at a seafood restaurant in Fitzrovia, London, and the head chef there asked me to order them. From that day it was the only egg I will use as it is the best egg that I have ever had. The quality is always consistent, the yolk a rich golden colour, which is amazing, and when you cook it with love, you don't need to do anything more for a perfect result. I was lucky enough to visit the farm last year with my team, it was so nice to meet Paddy & Steph and to see how the chickens live life in the best way. The operation is clean and the chickens are free and happy, they are reared well and you can feel the love and passion in their welfare and that shows in the quality of the eggs. Cooking with Cacklebean eggs is a symbol of joy for me."
Tim Dela Cruz, Head Chef, Skewd Kitchen

Cacklebean Egg Box
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