We try to give our girls a happy life here on the farm, feeding them the very best food, free to roam safely in our Cotswold Farm. Welfare is something we are very passionate about.

The girls (& the boys) roam freely all day in all the weathers safe on our 12 acre farm... scratching in the green grass and hassling the goats, searching for worms and getting in the way of our visitors cars!

Our ladies love the summer, dust bathing and long warm days... but they dont like the very cold weather - so when the snow comes we tuck them up in the shed and keep them warm. Our ladies won't lay in very cold weather (would you!).


To keep the ladies happy we have lots of lovely boys living the good life on our farm too... Free loaders! We need our noisy beautiful boys for breeding. When they are not busy chasing the girls they are busy looking handsome on the range!

Cacklebean Cockerel Watch Here

Morris the Maran is a big character. He escapes daily! Follows Mr Cacklebean around and won't move for traffic. He loves chasing the tractor and his many girlfriends!

Little Chicks

We maintain a healthy flock, and all of our chickens are bred on the farm, and hatched in our hatchery.
All our chicks are very much part of the family...

Click here to see Sybil's little chick....

Poulet Amour
Little Chicks