Farming The Right Way
Cacklebean Egg

We are not fair weather farmers, and our girls (and boys) happiness comes first. We know how much the weather can affect their feelings and how they lay and always do our best to keep our ladies comfortable and safe, even if that means letting them stay out in the rain to peck for worms, keeping them cool with shady trampolines and canopies in the hot summer, or leaving the radio on in the sheds and bringing in Christmas trees for them to perch on over the festive months.

We maintain a healthy flock, all of our chickens are bred on the farm, and hatched in our hatchery. Laying eggs is hard work, so our girls need a good start and plenty of food to keep them healthy and happy. The richness and naturalness of the diet shows with their yellow legs and full beaks - no beak clipping on our farm! Our hens at both of our farms have large sheds with plenty of perch space and a large scratch area. During the day they range free in lush green fields, which are sown with natural herbs for the hens to nibble. They roam in small flocks - the space and smaller numbers help to reduce stress, resulting in happier, healthier hens and the best quality eggs.

Our Lovely Girls
French Marans

Birds and Bees

We have lots of wild birds and local wildlife visiting the farm, and nests crop up in all places. We also have our own CackleBee's in hives on the farm to support the natural ecology on the farm and pollinate our fields of clover and herbs. (and for the lovely honey of course!)

Poulet Amour
Little Chicks
Open Sun, Rain, and Shine
Honey Pot