CB Swirl

Meet The Team

Paddy - Mr CackleBean
Well where do we start! He's done a HND in poultry, so he talks chicken! He set up an organic farm in 2000 and worked on that for 10 years.
We set up our own farm - Cackleberry Farm in 2010 and CacklenBean was born in 2013. Paddy is the most kind, compassionate farmer, and he wont sleep until he knows his girls and boys are tucked safely in bed!

Steph - Mrs CackleBean
Mrs CackleBean Is mummy to Sybil.
Before helping Mr CackleBean on the farm she was a Nanny to three boys, which she still enjoys spending time with. She is now our chief tea maker and also enjoys making sure all our four legged friends are happy! Her experience with the boys has helped when trying to organise Mr CackleBean, but it's still a tough job!

Sybbie - The Boss
Another one who's in charge! It's her farm, her girls... She loves helping, Any job no matter how dirty she's there.

Helping Dad when she can. She organises Mr Cacklebean... you could say he is hen-pecked! She has to come back and help in her holidays!

We have a really 'Egg'ceptional Team...

We have a really 'Egg'ceptional Team...